Our Mission: To develop and build a network of walking, running, biking and equestrian trails throughout Mills County, with a focus on connecting communities.

Our Vision: To improve the health and safety of Mills County residents, and showcase its beauty and hospitality to its visitors.

Mills County Trails Board Logo

Planning for the Mills County trails began in 2012 as part of the county’s Community Transformation Grant administered through Mills County Public Health. With help from the National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance (RTCA) program, several public meetings were held throughout Mills County to determine preferred routes of multi-use (hard- and soft-surface) trails.  In late 2014, a formal Board of Directors was formed, comprised of Mills County residents and business owners to take public input and bring our dream of a unified, county-wide trail system to life.

Mills County is home to beautiful landscapes, with rolling Loess hills, vibrant parks and agricultural vistas. Mills County also ranks as one of the most unhealthiest counties in the State of Iowa, in terms of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. We believe that a trail system will be good for Mills County and it’s residents.  A county-wide trail system will also have a regional economic development impact and quality of life enhancement to retain or recruit businesses and residents, support local towns and main streets and boost tourism to our communities.

Executive Committee:

Shawn Koehler, President
Randy Romens, Vice President
Andrea McPherson, Treasurer
Michelle Wodtke Franks, Secretary

Board Members:         

Jerad Getter
Kevin Mayberry
Ron Kohn
Brad Stephens
David Baker
Mark Wanning
Lorraine Hastie
Jack Woo
Sandy Staack
Zack Jones
Anne Smith
Bill Good
Theresea Romens
Lana White

Committee Chairs

Sarah Schau—Communications
Matt Steele—Operations
Loraine Hastie—Soft Trails
Justin Christian— Grant Writing
Sandy Staack—Fundraising
Andrea McPherson—Finance